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M25 Mini Gasoline Engine Model Educational Engine

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Item Name: Mini engine (M25)

Size: 135* 85* 80MM

Displacement: 1.6CC.

Cylinder diameter: 13MM

Ltinerary: 12MM

Weight: 990G


This is a mini gasoline engine model that uses ancient engine structure. Each part has been designed and processed by our energy.  It is processed by brass and stainless steel.  It uses a water cooling heat structure.

Double flywheel design reduces the low speed response of ancient engine.

It installs a tape oil for adjustable speed.  It sets a throttle switch that can link to control the speed of the engine.  The igniter is powered 4.5V.

It uses gasoline as a fuel, when you launch it.  It will become a violent small machine!

Starting method: external force (high speed drill).

Its starting can be divided into two ways: external force (electric drill) and manual starting.

Engine startup steps:

1. Check the wiring of the engine from the board, connect the fuel tank pipeline, and install3 No.5 battery (4.5v).

3, turn on the power switch, quickly rotate the flywheel start engine in the right side of the engine. 4, during the startup process, use the hand to lig htly cover the air intake, instantly let go, this way to operate a few times.  It works to make the machine smoothly inhaled fuel.  If you don't need this step after normal startup!


1. If the ignition device is normal and the cylinder compression is normal, if the machine cannot start normally, it is very likely that the carburetor oil needle needs to be adjusted.

2. After tightening the main oil needle on the carburetor, loosen 1/4 turn and start the flywheel, so that the mixing ratio of gasoline and air can reach the normal working mixing ratio.

3.  When the machine stops, the power switch should be turned off.

1.  Product maintenance method:

The engine is water-cooled, and you need to add water before each work.  When you finish the work,you need to save the water.

The working environment should be ensured in a clean environment to reduce the possibility of dust entering the carburetor.

The carburetor oil needle has been adjusted in the best position before shipment.  It is not recommended to make a large adjustment.  But it can be fine-tuned under different fuels.

The cylinder head cover can be disassembled and lubricated on the valve mechanism. After the engine stops working, you need to remove the battery and save it.

2.  Troubleshooting method

The engine needs a new battery to make sure it has enough voltage for the igniter to work properly. When adding fuel from the fuel tank.  But there will be air in the fuel tank.  You need to hold the carburetor port by hand.  Rotate the flywheel.  The piston allows the engine to suck fuel into the carburetor.

The engine has been adjusted for work (using gasoline) before shipment, but the setting of the carburetor may need to be fine-tuned under different fuels.  You can fine-tune the size of the main oil needle.

3.  Lubrication methods and methods can add no more than 4ML of lubricating oil to the crankcase to ensure splash lubrication of the crankshaft.

4.  What kind of fuel and amount to use The oil tank capacity is about 15ML.  The engine can use gasoline and aviation kerosene.  The engine needs to add 4 % lubricating oil to the fuel. If there is no compression,there should be a foreign body entering the engine, which prevents the

valve from closing normally.

There are three ways to try to solve it

1.  Put a few drops of lubricating oil on the carburetor.  Use an electric drill to drive the engine for a while.  Under the action of the lubricating oil, the foreign matter is discharged to restore the cylinder pressure.

2.  Use an electric drill to rotate the hour hand (the opposite direction of the engine's working direction)

3.  Which fuel and dosage of the slider can be used by about 15ml.  The engine can use gasoline and air kerosene.  Engine needs to add 4% lubricant when fuel.

Package Included:

1x M25 Mini Gasoline Engine Model

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