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Mini Vertical Stirling Engine Model(J06B)

$89.99 piece
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This is a vertical Stirling engine model , a very small version  model .  crafted from brass and stainless steel , is designed with an upgraded base made of aluminum alloy . 

The engine is designed to fit in show - cases and desk table model .

This is a Stirling engine model made by the Vintage model workshop chaired by Mr. Jin.

As far as I know these are the smallest scale model stirling engines ever made - until you make one smaller .



.Name: Hot Vertical Stirling Engine Model

.Material: Brass + Stainless Steel + Aluminum

.Flywheel Diameter: 29mm (Including Pulley)

.Start Method: Manual

.Fuel: 95% Purity Alcohol

.Product Weight: 95g

.Product Dimensions: 47x 42x 85mm

.Ages: 16+.


Stirling Engine Model * 1

.Alcohol Lamp *1

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really cool and fun little engine. arrived in great order and works without any issues