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OKMO R34 OHV V-Twin Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Mini Retro Motorcycle Internal Combustion Engine Model

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OKMO R34 OHV  V-Twin Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Mini Retro Motorcycle Internal Combustion Engine Model


1.This is a miniature gasoline engine model designed on the basis of the V-twin motorcycle EVOLUTION (evolution) engine of the 1980s, a highly representative engine, which embodies the spirit of different eras in a marvelous way.

2. Retro flavor of the machine, classic body lines, cold cooling structure, new carburetor design, toggle throttle lever, intake and exhaust are upgraded with large and small valves, the power to enhance the obvious, and better restore the details of the real engine, which is one of the most complex engines we produce.

3. Every part of the engine is carefully designed and processed by us. It is machined from brass and stainless steel with a wooden base for easy placement and operation to ensure smooth running.

4.The engine is always ready to run and includes starting and ignition equipment, making it more friendly to novice modelers. When it runs, you won't be disappointed. You will be amazed at how well it performs its job.


Brand: OKMO;

Item No.: R34;

Material: brass, aluminum alloy, stainless steel;

Color: brass color, silver color;

Overall size: 150*120*140mm;

Engine size: 120*90*115mm;

Wooden base size: 150*120*30mm;

Proportion: 1:5;

Weight: 1300g;

Form: ready to run;

Type: twin-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine;

Displacement: 4.2cc;

Cylinder diameter: 13mm;

Stroke: 16mm;

Cooling method: air-cooled;

Starting method: electric drill start/manual start;

Ignition method: CDI electronic ignition;

Spark plug type: 3/16-40 inch thread spark plug;

Lubrication type: mixed/splash lubrication (gasoline/oil = 25/1);

Fuel type: 95# gasoline;

Oil type: 2T motor oil;

Starting power: 4.5V AA batteries *3 (not included);

Packing list:

Engine *1

Electric drill coupling shaft (starter rod) *1

Hand puller *1

Spare O-ring *1set

Instruction manual *1

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