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OKMO Vertical Boiler Steam Boiler Model for Steam Ship Engine Model

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.The total height of the boiler is 260mm, the diameter is 85mm, the length is 120mm, the valve pressure is 0.5MPA, and the boiler capacity is 230ML.

.The surface of the boiler uses high-temperature paint, and the interior of the wood uses insulating materials.

.Insulation can play a very good role. Renovation of the steam output pipe of the heat recovery unit. Increase heat insulation effect.

.Simple Operation: After connecting the steam engine (the steam engine is self-provided), add water to the boiler, and then add solid fuel alcohol on the copper shovel, and then stuff it into the bottom of the boiler after igniting it, heating for tens of seconds, then turn the steam engine flywheel to assist.

.Tips: This product is an exquisite model. It is used carefully and is suitable for marine steam engine models.

.For Crowd: 16+


.Color: As Shown

.Material: Brass + Wood

.Product Weight: 2000g

.Package Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 20cm

.Package Weight: 2200g

Package Content:

.1Set x Boiler

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