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About Us

About Us
OKMO is the trademark of Microcosmic engine.     The story began in 2008 when JIN, our founder, had a love for machinery since childhood and began to collect and research engine data.   In 2010, we launched our first Steam engine model, the M16, which was well received by customers around the world.     Later he found that there were many people who had the same interest in engines and bought and supported their business.     It has been developed until now, and many products are now marketed to the world.     So he decided to work on introducing more exciting new engine models with exceptional value.

We strive to recreate classic engines.     So they decided to provide affordable, various quality scale engines to those who love and build the engines to choose.     I believe many of you know my founder JIN.     He attaches great importance to the opinions of people who use our products.     Here you can feedback any ideas you have.

The people who use our engines give us inspiration to us every day.     You can have it delivered directly to you from JIN's factory.     Go directly to JIN and ask what kind of help or support you need.     We respect any ideas from everyone who likes engine models and can contact JIN to build them for you.     We also try to lower the barrier for engine enthusiasts to access scale models.     Consistently provide value for money products to everyone.