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S10 Mini Retro Horizontal Single-cylinder Reciprocating Double-acting Mill Steam Engine Model Toys with Speed Reducer-OKMO

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 Mini Retro Horizontal Single-cylinder Reciprocating Double-acting Mill Steam Engine Model Toys with Speed Reducer

Instruction manual:

1. A steam engine is a reciprocating power machine that converts the energy of steam into mechanical work.

2. Before each operation, lubricating oil must be dripped on every friction point of the machine head. Add water to the boiler, heat it until the water boils, and then gently turn the flywheel by hand until it runs automatically. (If there is dullness, 1. The pressure is not enough. 2. The cylinder and piston are not lubricated enough. 3. The cylinder and piston are not running in place.)

3. The product does not include a boiler, please bring your own or purchase separately. You can also consult us to purchase a matching boiler.


1. A model based on the mill model machine has an exquisite appearance and is compact. It is easy to install and can be placed in your hand to play with. It will make you put it down. It is equipped with a flying ball deceleration device;

2. Excellent quality, mainly brass, with bright, delicate and beautiful surface color. The production is precise, the workmanship is excellent, CNC machining, the operation is smooth, the spindle sleeve is made of high-hardness beryllium copper to resist friction, and long-term operation is guaranteed;

3. The operation is easy and not cumbersome. After simply installing the steam engine and adding the boiler, players can intuitively feel the charm of the steam engine;

4. It is very suitable for the majority of steam engine enthusiasts and enthusiasts. Its operability is very impressive, which can exercise players' hands-on ability. It can also be used for teaching children or students to understand the operation of steam engines;

5. By operating the steam engine model, you can understand the working principle of steam more intuitively. At the same time, both its production process and product appearance and operability are very valuable for collection.


Material: copper;

Steam engine size: 155*60*60mm

Weight: 760g

Type: Horizontal single cylinder single acting mill steam engine

Displacement: 1.7cc

Recommended air pressure: 0.4MPa-0.6MPa

Bore size: 10mm

Stroke: 20mm

Air inlet thread: 1/4-40TPI

Packaging list:



Accessory package*1

Instruction manual*1

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